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I'm a multidisciplinary artist living in Los Angeles. My commercial work includes projects for Netflix, Disney, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Variety, Unilever, Nike, Target, Fox, and NBC Universal, among others.

I'm best described as a direct and diplomatic speaker—with creative input available upon request. I naturally build good rapport (read: I believe in the importance of chat but also staying on schedule), and I often play best with other good-natured, encouraging people.

From working with top international brands, I've learned they possess key similarities to smaller, niche brands: both want to have a unique yet recognizable style, and both are made up of people. In other words, just regular, splendid, human people all doing their thing, and, more often than not, trying their best. While big brands involve a lot more of them, they ultimately still rely on the efficacy of individuals communicating well and supporting their teams.

​After nearly a decade in the industry, I've gathered a few insights into what makes a nutritive, productive work environment and how companies may better retain their creative employees. In short, everyone dishes to the freelancer. As it happens, I've freelanced on over two-hundred projects, and with more than sixty creative agencies. You can get some free notes and tips in my blog.

​Because I'm oh so naturally benevolent—and I love helping people feel safe and understood—I offer Creative Communication Consultation (which you can learn about in my FAQ). There, I answer questions like, does my company need Creative Communication Consultation? And, how do I break into the advertising industry? (Spoiler, I provide free coaching to artists looking to get into advertising. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!). 

For advertising illustration, I typically work digitally. But you can see some of my non-commercial, traditional-media work at where I live out my secret double-life as a fine artist.


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